Why having a job during the school year is great.

Let’s keep it real, us teenagers want a lot of things and we just have a very materialistic mindset. We also get to do more things like going out or having dinner with friends. But our parents can’t possibly keep paying everything for us. So we go find a job, in a restaurant, shop, bakery, anywhere.

I have noticed that some teens are not really encouraged to find a job or they think they can’t find one. But we can! There are always jobs open, you just have to keep looking. It can take a long time to find a job, I personally don’t know anyone who had a job the day after they decided they wanted one.

The best way to find a job is to just walk around your neighborhood and go into any store and just ask: ‘Hi, do you need someone to work on the weekends?’. Some people will ask for your phone number so that they can call you in case someone else drops out, others will say ‘no’ and others will say ‘yes’ immediately. So no matter how long it takes you to find a job, keep looking because one day you will find one!

A job is a perfect break from school! You’ll be so concentrated on your work and for once not think about the tests and essays, and when you get home you’ll have a fresh mind to continue your homework.

On your job, you can meet a lot of new people. Co-workers, costumers etc. It’s another environment with new people to learn things from.

You will probably use the money you own to buy clothes, go out for dinner and just anything your parents don’t pay for you anymore. This can teach you very fast how expensive everything is nowadays, don’t be surprised when you go shopping and all your money is gone (it has happened to me once or twice). Even though it’s sad, it is good for us that we realize that life isn’t cheap.

That pretty much all I have to say about this, I feel like I just wrote an essay for English class because my school starts tomorrow ☹ (I am not ready for this, summer went too fast).

Have a great school year everyone! You can do this ♥

Lots of love, M.

My day in Brugge

Brugge is a very well-known place over here in Belgium. It has a big historical background and every corner of it looks absolutely beautiful. So my best friend and I decided to spend a day there and of course, I have to tell you about it, so here it is.

5:00am -> waking up

Yes, we woke up this early because we wanted to have breakfast in Bruges. To our big surprise, we didn’t really feel tired until 9 pm.

7:06am -> taking the train

We got to see the sunrise while sitting on the train which made it a very nice train ride. Other than that I think the train is the easiest way to get somewhere like Bruges.IMG_6486

9:00am -> breakfast @ Li O Lait

I am a huge breakfast lover so I was really excited to get some food after being awake for 4 hours (not gonna lie, I had already had some Starbucks and a sandwich). This is a super cute place located right in the center of Brugge. They have amazing bagels and coffee and great options for breakfast and lunch. You can find Li O Lait in Dweersstraat 30.DSC06575

11:30am -> Brugge by boat

They call Brugge the Venice of the North, so boat tours are a very common thing here. I definitely think it is something you can’t miss when you’re there. You get to see Brugge in a different and fun way and take some beautiful pictures.IMG_6299

02:00pm -> Belfort

After walking around for a while we decided to go to the Belfort. If you’re looking for a workout you should definitely go here, because you can walk up 366 stairs. After that, you get a panoramic, unique view over Brugge.IMG_6487

03:00pm -> exploring

The rest of the day we spent walking around and visiting smaller things like the Sint Salvatore church and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. All of the houses have an amazing architecture and they are very picture worthy.IMG_6350

06:30pm -> Carlito’s

We had dinner in Carlito’s, an Italian restaurant with a super cozy terrace. Some restaurants in Brugge are super expensive but over here we got amazing food for a decent price. So for all the Italian food lovers, this is definitely where you should go!IMG_6370

Enjoy your stay in Brugge, another amazing place over here in tiny Belgium.

Lots of love, M.

Lifehacks I use every day

Paperclip bracelet

Let’s be honest, putting on bracelets is one of the hardest freaking things to do. And sadly enough there is not always someone there to do it for you. But with a paperclip, this problem is solved! (why did that sound like a tv commercial for paper clips?). IMG_6092 (excuse my horrible nails)IMG_6094IMG_6097

Eyebrow gel for baby-hairs

I have a huge baby-hair problem and for years and years, I have searched for the best way to solve this. So I found out that just using your eyebrow gel is the most efficient way to get rid of them. A plus point is that your eyebrow gel tube is tiny so you can take it anywhere for a fast touch up. I use the NYX  clear eyebrow gel.


Perfume as deodorant

Sometimes we forget it or we run out of our deodorant on moments we need it. But if you’ve got a bottle of perfume with you, this can work as a perfect alternative for your deodorant. You can also use your perfume as a deodorant on a regular basis but in that case, I wouldn’t use Chanel N°5.

Phone on airplane mode for a fast charge

It has happened to me plenty of times, I need to go somewhere in the afternoon and before I realize my phone is 20% and I only have 20 minutes before I leave. If you put your phone on airplane mode and charge it, it will go allot faster and your phone will be charged by the time you walk out the door.

So that were pretty much the only life hacks I really use but I really like them. They have helped me many times, enjoy!

Lots of love, M.

A morning person

70A97711-FC75-4784-92DD-7C9A55ACA035I consider myself as a morning person, I’m not in a bad mood in the morning and I instantly want to be productive and do things. I don’t have allot of problems waking up unless if don’t sleep enough for a longer period of time.

the biggest reason I ‘love’ waking up, is really just breakfast (food helps with everything doesn’t it). I also hate waking up after 9 pm because it makes me feel as if I am losing a big part of my day. My weekend job in the bakery is perfect for me because it allows me to be productive as soon as I wake up and yes even when I have to start at 5:30 am I love it.

The things that make it the easiest for me to wake up is setting goals for the day. This morning I woke up thinking: I want to write articles for my blog, clean up my room and go outside for a little while. Because I was excited to do all that stuff it was easy for me to get out of bed at 8 am. But waking up when I know it’s not going to be a fun day, that’s hard. When I have to go to school, or when I know I will be at home all day long, waking up the second my alarm goes is not happening.

The snooze button will make it only harder for you to wake up because you’ll keep thinking that ‘it’s only 5 more minutes’ and before you know it you wake up an hour later than planned.

If you’re lucky and live in a country where an open sky is actually a real daily event, which is not the case over here in Belgium, you might get to see a beautiful sunrise right when you wake up. Also, a great motivation to get out of bed if you ask me.

The only bad thing about being a morning person is that morning haters will not be happy with your energetic presence right from the second they open their eyes. But besides that, you don’t hear anyone complaining right?

At what time do you like to wake up? Let me know!

Lots of love, M.

My favorite places in Antwerp

I’ve lived in Antwerp all my life but the last year I have found out more about it than I had ever thought I would. Antwerp has changed allot over the past few years and with that came allot of new places to visit, here are my favorites

Hoeked donuts (Oudaan 4)

It’s pretty self-explanatory, here you can buy donuts. But they are not round, they are square, the new donut shop created a unique square design in their entire shop! Besides the amazing donuts, they have the cutest interior design ever! C2EF40A4-4721-4D1A-8F8E-B80922D8672C

Friet Atelier Amsterdam (Korte Gasthuisstraat 32) 

Belgian fries are the best, that’s what every Belgian will tell you (once you’ve tried them you will never deny this again). The ‘frie restaurant’ from Sergio Herman offers you some amazing fries with delicious toppings. Even though ‘Amsterdam’ is used in the name, you get the amazing taste of real BELGIAN fries. I recommend the amazing Flemish beef stew fries, or in dutch; ‘frietjes met stoofvlees’.unnamed (2)

Vleeshuis (Vleeshouwersstraat 38)

A museum full of old music instruments and the history of music throughout the last few earas. The fun thing is that there is an app so that you can listen to almost every instrument in the gallery. In the basement, you can see an old carousel organ that still works and also the history of music at parties. vm_vleeshuismuseum_149_120516.jpg

Peña al Andalus (Vorstermanstraat 1)

If you’re searching for a unique dining experience on a Saturday night and you love Spanish food, Peña al Andalus is the place to be. You will be watching flamenco performances live on stage while eating delicious food. It looks so Spanish that you’ll think you’re in Spain for a while. 733785_3

Clouds of fashion (Nationalestraat 79)

This is hands down my favorite shop in Antwerp, when I saw it for the first time I immediately knew that. Laurentine Van Landeghem is the owner and has already been able to open 2 other stores in Gent and Knokke. The store offers a wide variety of clothing and always has some extraordinary pieces ready for you. If you’re like me and you love a good portion of glitter, pink and basically anything colorful or sparkly, be sure to visit!  Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Divers (Volksstraat 9) 

All Belgian people who follow a few famous Belgians (BV’s) on Instagram, have heard of ‘Divers’. This is where you can get the amazing smoothie- and açai bowls, smoothies, special coffees and other healthy breakfasts/lunches. They are healthy, Instagram-worthy AND delicious, pretty much what every Instagrammer wants.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

MAS (Hanzestedenplaats 1)

‘Museum Aan Stroom’, a 10 story high museum. Most of us teenagers visit it to go to the rooftop, it has free access and gives you a panoramic view over Antwerp. On the other 8 floors, there are art exhibitions. Some temporary and some permanent, they are all very different and that is what makes this museum a nice place to visit for everyone.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

But most importantly, just stroll around Antwerp and see where it takes you because wherever you go there will always be something pretty or interesting to see.

Enjoy Antwerp!

Lots of love, M.

Insecurity and why it sucks

I am in a friend group where we tell each other everything, and a few days ago a conversation about ‘confidence’ came up. Fyi, we are a group of 7 16-and 17-year-old girls so that means everyone basically said they have 0 confidence.

The more I have these type of conversations, the more I hate it. I realize that we live in a society where confidence is almost impossible. This problem has been going on since day 1 of planet earth. When we look at the art of the ancient Greeks all of it is about perfect anatomy and at school, we learn about the ideal body types and faces throughout history.

Will there ever be a solution for the stupid ideals that are set for us as soon as were born? Society longs for all of us to look like a supermodel, to be perfect inside and out. But I don’t think that type of person really exists because if we were perfect wouldn’t all of us be exactly the same? Sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s clearly not helping since confidence is still such a huge problem.

Insecurity keeps us from pursuing our dreams, we constantly keep ourselves from taking risks because we feel like we will fail anyway. Insecurity makes it easier to get hurt, things get to you even if they are not meant bad.

All these things are daily problems that EVERYONE has. I realize that it is probably too late for our generation to fix this completely, but can we all at least try to give the next generation a shot at being less insecure. We are already giving them enough of bad things, it feels fair that they’d have a little bit of confidence.85c71091ebf915aefad22aa634577b89

For the people who are absolutely confident, keep it that way! Stay proud of yourself and let nothing or nobody take it away from you.

Lots of love, M.



Back to school: do’s & don’ts

BTSYes, it is really happening, another school year. I have to admit I am pretty excited because this is my senior year, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to all the homework, exams and all the other stress causes.

But in my 5 years of high school, I have found out some stuff that might really help to get you through the school year, here they are.

First of all, DO NOT freak out when you have a lot of homework and not allot of time. It happens to everyone and freaking out will only give you less time. To be honest I am the first person to stress out when I realize I have too much homework for the time I have. But believe me, you should stay calm and finish the most important things first. You might not be able to finish everything in time but do what you can and ‘make the most of it’.

Plan ahead! This will especially help you to avoid the previous problem. By planning ahead you can already ‘see’ the days where you won’t have enough time to finish all your work. I suggest you buy a planner or an agenda and keep everything you could possibly have to do in there to stay safe of surprises.

To motivate yourself, set rewards. For example: ‘if I pass this math test I will buy myself those shoes I’ve wanted for months!’. Of course, this is not the cheapest way to get some motivation but it does work.

Don’t be ashamed to ask questions! Allot of times I’ve wanted to ask a question in class but thought it was a stupid question and that everyone would think I’m dumb. And then 5 minutes later someone else asks that exact question and the whole class goes ‘yeah idk either’. So you might do your entire class a favor by asking that 1 question.

Make your backpack the evening before to make sure you don’t forget anything important. If you make your backpack in the morning you will, most of the time, be in a rush and forget the most important stuff.

And most importantly, caring about school is not a crime. It’s good to care about school because after all it will make quite an impact your life. School takes about 15-20 years of your life and because of that, it is something you should care about.

Have a great school year and do your best

Lots of love, M.


Summer is almost over, so why not make the best of the last weeks? Here are my favorite things to do with friends:


Now I wish I lived in America because I’d be going to Disney World, Universal Studios and Six Flags all the time. Going to an amusement park with your friends is amazing, especially because you can challenge each other to go on rides that you thought you’d never go on.


This is something me and my friends did last summer and we still talk about it allot. It’s a whole other experience than just going to the mall. You’re outside, there is no wifi connection,… this is one of the most fun things I have ever done with my friends. YOU WILL NOT REGRET DOING IT!


I’ve lived in Antwerp my entire life, yet going into the city was something I didn’t do much as a kid. That allows me to discover new places every time which is just amazing. I go with a friend and then we walk without any idea where we’re going. This way I have found allot of my favorite shops and food places in Antwerp.


I personally love going to museums, just strolling through all the different gallery’s and learning more about history, art, music… There are 1000 sorts of museums in the world and there will surely be one of them that you and your friends like.


In every city, there are tons of different places to eat, so there will always be new places to discover. You might think you’ve already found your favorite restaurant or café but how can you be sure if you haven’t tried most of the nearby places.

Have fun this summer and make some memories!

Lots of love, M.