Back to school: do’s & don’ts

BTSYes, it is really happening, another school year. I have to admit I am pretty excited because this is my senior year, but that doesn’t mean I look forward to all the homework, exams and all the other stress causes.

But in my 5 years of high school, I have found out some stuff that might really help to get you through the school year, here they are.

First of all, DO NOT freak out when you have a lot of homework and not allot of time. It happens to everyone and freaking out will only give you less time. To be honest I am the first person to stress out when I realize I have too much homework for the time I have. But believe me, you should stay calm and finish the most important things first. You might not be able to finish everything in time but do what you can and ‘make the most of it’.

Plan ahead! This will especially help you to avoid the previous problem. By planning ahead you can already ‘see’ the days where you won’t have enough time to finish all your work. I suggest you buy a planner or an agenda and keep everything you could possibly have to do in there to stay safe of surprises.

To motivate yourself, set rewards. For example: ‘if I pass this math test I will buy myself those shoes I’ve wanted for months!’. Of course, this is not the cheapest way to get some motivation but it does work.

Don’t be ashamed to ask questions! Allot of times I’ve wanted to ask a question in class but thought it was a stupid question and that everyone would think I’m dumb. And then 5 minutes later someone else asks that exact question and the whole class goes ‘yeah idk either’. So you might do your entire class a favor by asking that 1 question.

Make your backpack the evening before to make sure you don’t forget anything important. If you make your backpack in the morning you will, most of the time, be in a rush and forget the most important stuff.

And most importantly, caring about school is not a crime. It’s good to care about school because after all it will make quite an impact your life. School takes about 15-20 years of your life and because of that, it is something you should care about.

Have a great school year and do your best

Lots of love, M.

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