Insecurity and why it sucks

I am in a friend group where we tell each other everything, and a few days ago a conversation about ‘confidence’ came up. Fyi, we are a group of 7 16-and 17-year-old girls so that means everyone basically said they have 0 confidence.

The more I have these type of conversations, the more I hate it. I realize that we live in a society where confidence is almost impossible. This problem has been going on since day 1 of planet earth. When we look at the art of the ancient Greeks all of it is about perfect anatomy and at school, we learn about the ideal body types and faces throughout history.

Will there ever be a solution for the stupid ideals that are set for us as soon as were born? Society longs for all of us to look like a supermodel, to be perfect inside and out. But I don’t think that type of person really exists because if we were perfect wouldn’t all of us be exactly the same? Sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but it’s clearly not helping since confidence is still such a huge problem.

Insecurity keeps us from pursuing our dreams, we constantly keep ourselves from taking risks because we feel like we will fail anyway. Insecurity makes it easier to get hurt, things get to you even if they are not meant bad.

All these things are daily problems that EVERYONE has. I realize that it is probably too late for our generation to fix this completely, but can we all at least try to give the next generation a shot at being less insecure. We are already giving them enough of bad things, it feels fair that they’d have a little bit of confidence.85c71091ebf915aefad22aa634577b89

For the people who are absolutely confident, keep it that way! Stay proud of yourself and let nothing or nobody take it away from you.

Lots of love, M.



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