A morning person

70A97711-FC75-4784-92DD-7C9A55ACA035I consider myself as a morning person, I’m not in a bad mood in the morning and I instantly want to be productive and do things. I don’t have allot of problems waking up unless if don’t sleep enough for a longer period of time.

the biggest reason I ‘love’ waking up, is really just breakfast (food helps with everything doesn’t it). I also hate waking up after 9 pm because it makes me feel as if I am losing a big part of my day. My weekend job in the bakery is perfect for me because it allows me to be productive as soon as I wake up and yes even when I have to start at 5:30 am I love it.

The things that make it the easiest for me to wake up is setting goals for the day. This morning I woke up thinking: I want to write articles for my blog, clean up my room and go outside for a little while. Because I was excited to do all that stuff it was easy for me to get out of bed at 8 am. But waking up when I know it’s not going to be a fun day, that’s hard. When I have to go to school, or when I know I will be at home all day long, waking up the second my alarm goes is not happening.

The snooze button will make it only harder for you to wake up because you’ll keep thinking that ‘it’s only 5 more minutes’ and before you know it you wake up an hour later than planned.

If you’re lucky and live in a country where an open sky is actually a real daily event, which is not the case over here in Belgium, you might get to see a beautiful sunrise right when you wake up. Also, a great motivation to get out of bed if you ask me.

The only bad thing about being a morning person is that morning haters will not be happy with your energetic presence right from the second they open their eyes. But besides that, you don’t hear anyone complaining right?

At what time do you like to wake up? Let me know!

Lots of love, M.

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