Lifehacks I use every day

Paperclip bracelet

Let’s be honest, putting on bracelets is one of the hardest freaking things to do. And sadly enough there is not always someone there to do it for you. But with a paperclip, this problem is solved! (why did that sound like a tv commercial for paper clips?). IMG_6092 (excuse my horrible nails)IMG_6094IMG_6097

Eyebrow gel for baby-hairs

I have a huge baby-hair problem and for years and years, I have searched for the best way to solve this. So I found out that just using your eyebrow gel is the most efficient way to get rid of them. A plus point is that your eyebrow gel tube is tiny so you can take it anywhere for a fast touch up. I use the NYX  clear eyebrow gel.


Perfume as deodorant

Sometimes we forget it or we run out of our deodorant on moments we need it. But if you’ve got a bottle of perfume with you, this can work as a perfect alternative for your deodorant. You can also use your perfume as a deodorant on a regular basis but in that case, I wouldn’t use Chanel N°5.

Phone on airplane mode for a fast charge

It has happened to me plenty of times, I need to go somewhere in the afternoon and before I realize my phone is 20% and I only have 20 minutes before I leave. If you put your phone on airplane mode and charge it, it will go allot faster and your phone will be charged by the time you walk out the door.

So that were pretty much the only life hacks I really use but I really like them. They have helped me many times, enjoy!

Lots of love, M.

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