My day in Brugge

Brugge is a very well-known place over here in Belgium. It has a big historical background and every corner of it looks absolutely beautiful. So my best friend and I decided to spend a day there and of course, I have to tell you about it, so here it is.

5:00am -> waking up

Yes, we woke up this early because we wanted to have breakfast in Bruges. To our big surprise, we didn’t really feel tired until 9 pm.

7:06am -> taking the train

We got to see the sunrise while sitting on the train which made it a very nice train ride. Other than that I think the train is the easiest way to get somewhere like Bruges.IMG_6486

9:00am -> breakfast @ Li O Lait

I am a huge breakfast lover so I was really excited to get some food after being awake for 4 hours (not gonna lie, I had already had some Starbucks and a sandwich). This is a super cute place located right in the center of Brugge. They have amazing bagels and coffee and great options for breakfast and lunch. You can find Li O Lait in Dweersstraat 30.DSC06575

11:30am -> Brugge by boat

They call Brugge the Venice of the North, so boat tours are a very common thing here. I definitely think it is something you can’t miss when you’re there. You get to see Brugge in a different and fun way and take some beautiful pictures.IMG_6299

02:00pm -> Belfort

After walking around for a while we decided to go to the Belfort. If you’re looking for a workout you should definitely go here, because you can walk up 366 stairs. After that, you get a panoramic, unique view over Brugge.IMG_6487

03:00pm -> exploring

The rest of the day we spent walking around and visiting smaller things like the Sint Salvatore church and the Basilica of the Holy Blood. All of the houses have an amazing architecture and they are very picture worthy.IMG_6350

06:30pm -> Carlito’s

We had dinner in Carlito’s, an Italian restaurant with a super cozy terrace. Some restaurants in Brugge are super expensive but over here we got amazing food for a decent price. So for all the Italian food lovers, this is definitely where you should go!IMG_6370

Enjoy your stay in Brugge, another amazing place over here in tiny Belgium.

Lots of love, M.

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