My evening skincare routine

It’s been a while since I had a real skincare routine, but after doing research about the best products for my skin I have finally found the best routine for me. My skin is VERY oily, there are a lot of imperfections to it. For years I just used products that people said were good, but I didn’t even pay attention to the skin type they were meant for. This is the skin routine that is best for my skin!

If I’m wearing makeup, I will take my mascara off with some coconut oil and then remove the rest with some micellar water or makeup wipes. Coconut oil can be used for anything, and it will make your lashes grow which is great for me because I have tiny lashes.IMG_6660

After that, I’ll wash my face with hot water and then use a tea tree face wash. Tea tree is really just the best for unclear skin, I don’t understand how I could live so long without it. I rinse the face wash off with cold water to close up my pores.IMG_6640

Next, I re-cleanse my face again with either rose water or witch hazel. Most of the times I use both to really get rid of all the dirt on my skin. Usually, I add a few drops of tea tree oil to the rose water to make it even better. I love both of these products because they clean your skin the best but they are not aggressive for the skin.

A tip (that a friend of mine also lives by), don’t scrub every day! Yes, it will clean out your pores but it will also open them up and make your skin more sensitive.

Then for the final part of my routine (it’s not that much I know), I put on tea tree oil. Again tea tree yes. The good thing about tea tree oil is that it’s good for unclear skin, but unlike most acne products, it does not dry out your skin.IMG_6655 The tea tree oil is also my moisturizer for the night, in the morning I like to use a moisturizer by Dr. Van Der Hoog instead because it balances out the oils in my skin.IMG_6649

That was it for my evening skincare routine, but there is more. In the weekends I like to put on a face mask every now and then, I love the L’oréal pure clay mask the most because it freshens up your skin very well.IMG_6644

And then the top rule for better skin, drinking lots of water! I don’t always succeed at this but believe me, it is the best cure for bad skin. Also eating fruit and cutting out a lot of dairy products and unnecessary sugars (these are not things that I do since I love food too much). Always wash your brushes, they can carry a lot of germs and cause pimples! Last but not least, do not touch your face all day long and especially don’t try to squeeze a pimple as it can cause some serious bacterial infections and will only make it look worse.

A disclaimer, this skincare routine is good for MY skin and I am not saying that it will work for anyone else (it might tho). It takes time to develop a routine that works best for you and eventually you’ll find it.

Lots of love, M.

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