Christmas presents


Yes, I am still here…

Remember I said I was going to post every week about 2 months ago? I am very sorry I haven’t been active and I don’t have any valid excuses, except for school maybe.

But I am going to try to post more frequently and this time, actually try!

With that said, CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! It’s definitely my favorite holiday and I just can’t wait. Christmas trees, fairy lights, Mariah Careys ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ on the radio…i will cut you melissa and joey GIF

The hardest part though is finding presents for your friends and family. So here are some tips for finding the perfect gift for everyone.

PINTEREST will save your life when it comes to presents! If your friend or family member has an account and actually uses it, look no further. People use Pinterest to ‘collect’ the things they like and that’s why it should be your top one inspiration. Some people even have a wishlist (like me and my friends) and that makes picking a present even easier and guarantees that they’ll like it.

Of course, a personal gift can never go wrong. You can, again, use Pinterest to find DIYs and work from there. Take your time to think of all the memories you’ve made with the person you’re making it for and make a little book out of it. A picture collage is amazing too but of course, there are a thousand other ideas.

If you really don’t know what to get someone because you really don’t know them that well (secret Santa struggles), you can never go wrong with a gift basket. If you take multiple little gifts, there has to be at least one that they like. You can even give it a theme, for example, a makeup basket, or a snack basket… Add a gift card, something from Lush, you name it. A gift basket is fun to make and to receive.

Sadly, I still have to take exams before Christmas so I will have to wait a little bit longer until I can celebrate. To all those who also have exams, GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO THIS!

Lots of love, M. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor candy cane heart png

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