Little but powerful 🎧

Belgium, a small country positioned between France, Germany and The Netherlands. Our country may be tiny, but we have some great things here and among them are our musicians.

We have the ‘classics’ as I’ll call them for now like De Kreuners and Gorki (they’re amazing too)!

But lately we’ve gotten a whole new load of musicians and I love them all.

Hooverphonicfor example, not that new to be honest since they’ve been around for more than 20 years now. A very little time ago, Luka Cruysberghs became the new singer of the group. She won the last season of The Voice and is the same age as me which makes it even more amazing that she has become part of such a famous band! Their newest song Romantic is truly beautiful

One of my favorites is Emma Bale, she is one year older than me… Pretty discouraging but yeah. If you play the guitar her songs are the best, you should really try them. My favorite songs of her are Worth It and Curaçao. I once saw her perform live when she was opening for Bazart, a band that will also be mentioned in this article. Her newest single Cut Loose just came out this week and is worth listening to!

The most famous one worldwide has to be Oscar and the Wolf. They are véry famous in Israël, France and in Belgium ofcòurse. All of their songs are extraordinary but Breathing and Strange Entity have to be the most famous ones.

Last but not least, Bazart. This is the only band in this group that has Dutch music. They are honestly the only Dutch band I have ever really liked. I got to see them in concert last October and I will be going back next October😬 Their concert blew me away and I’ve loved them ever since (I have to admit I didn’t know that much of their music before the concert). You may have seen my very enthusiastic Instagram post about it☺️

One of the members of Bazart, Oliver, also makes music by himself and goes by the name Warhola. He has similar vibes to Bazart (biggest difference is that his music is in English) and is also someone that Belgium can be very proud of.

So if you’re not from Belgium, or you are but haven’t heard of these artists before, then these are some new musicians you can look at if you want to find new music.

Lots of love, M.

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