Musicals and all that jazz

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like musicals, dont read this article (or do read it and discover how fun musicals are). If you do love musicals, let’s be excited about them together! Here are my favorite musicals, my favourite songs of them and my dream roles.

1. One musical that is an all time favourite is Wicked, the first musical that I ever memorised from start to finish. I am going to see it in London this summer and I already know that my best friend will have to put up with my overexcitement and crying. I have loved this musical ever since I found out about it (has to be in 2011/2012). As in most musicals I love the original cast, seriously Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are beyond compare… Glinda is my absolute dream role in this musical because let’s be real, that entrance! That gown is so beautiful, her part is so beautiful and Popular is such a fun and amazing song! Talking about the songs; ‘The Wizard and I’, ‘One Short Day’, ‘No Good Deed’ and ‘For Good’ (I’m crying just thinking about it) are my favorites. Imagine getting to sing such wonderful songs ❤️

2. Next one up is Rent. Take Me or Leave Me is a song that I had know and loved forever and I honestly don’t know what took me so long to get to know the full musical. But once I did oh my, life took a whole new turn. I am just amazed by the performance that these actors gave, in the movie ànd on stage. I don’t really have a favourite cast for Rent but I loved Renée Elise Goldberry’s Mimi. When I had seen the movie for the first time, I immediately saw it a second time because I thought it was so good. Out Tonight, Goodbye Love, Take Me or Leave Me and La Vie Boheme (obviously) are my favorite songs. They are so crazy, I love it!

3.Legally blonde also has a special place in my heart. Laura Bell Bundy did such a good job playing Elle and I don’t think anyone can ever top that. I don’t favor the musical over the movie though, in my opinion they’re equal. ‘Chip on My Shoulder’ and ‘Legally Blonde’ are the biggest showstoppers to me. It’s a really empowering story that can inspire everyone who has ever been told they can’t do something. Because even if you have a 4.0 GPA in fashion merchandising, you can become the greatest lawyer of all times.

4. Can’t forget about Anastasia ofcourse! Christy Altomare and Derek Klena are the perfect couple, there is no one more fit to play Anya and Dmitri. ‘Journey To The Past’ and ‘My Petersburg’ are the best solos and then ofcourse there’s ‘Stay, I Pray You’ and ‘If I Can Learn To Do It’.

5. Let’s talk about Hamiltooooon. The amount of times that I listened to the full 2,5 hours of music is uncountable… I am in love with Hamilton! Philippa Soo, Lin Manuel Miranda, Jasmine Cephas Jones and basically the entire original cast have become people I really look up too. Lin did such a great job making this musical and I hope it will stay around as long as ‘Les Miserables’ or ‘Cats’. I bawl my eyes out whenever ‘One Last Time’ or ‘The World Was Wide Enough’ (way too underrated) comes up and I love ‘My Shot’ and ‘The Schuyler Sisters’ but really all of them are outstanding. I hope Lin will produce a lot more musicals becasue the world can’t get enough of his 2 hits ‘In The Heights’ and ‘Hamilton’.

6. And now we haaave, Dear Evan Hansen. ‘Anybody Have a Map’ is only the first song but already blows my mind everytime. The entire story is simply mindblowing and I love each and every part of it. ‘Requiem’ and ‘You Will Be Found’ sure have made the greatest impression on me, especially that second one because how can you not fall in love with those big ensembles. Ben Platt is so talented and speaking about, the mashup with Lin Manuel Miranda??? Found Tonight gives me the chills it’s so beautiful!

7. And now, a musical of which the album came out only a few weeks ago… MEAN GIRLS. When I found out they where going to make the movie into a musical I was a bit sceptical but wow I love it. Ofcourse Barret Wilbert Weed killed it as usual but Taylor Louderman is such a perfect Regina and same goes for Erika Henningsen (Cady), Ashley Park (Gretchen), Kate Rockwell (Karen) and Grey Henson (Damian). I was blown away and have been listening to the album everyday. ‘A Cautionary Tale’ is the best opening song ever, ‘Revenge Party’ is hilarious and I love ‘Someone Gets Hurt’ and the reprise of it. I didn’t think it could happen but they made everything so perfect and they inserted all the famous quotes!

I wish I lived in New York and that their would be some kind of ‘Year Pass’ to watch an unlimited amount of musicals all year.

Ofcourse these arent the only musicals I love and adore but they’re definitely on the top of my list. Songs that I also love a lot are ‘Kiss Today Goodbye’ (A Chorus Line), ‘I Know It’s Today’ (Shrek The Musical) and ‘Carrie’ (Carrie The Musical).

Lots of Love, M.

3 thoughts on “Musicals and all that jazz

  1. Nice to see another musical theatre fan. I am a musical theatre fanatic.

    Shows I love- only will say a couple:

    I have loved Wicked since 2006- saw Wicked on Broadway then plus three times on tour- 3rd time on tour was in 2016. Responsible for sparking my love for musical.

    Les Mis- seen 5 times. Community College three times, one time in the West End and one time on tour. This journey started with the movie. Responsible for turning that love into a passion.

    Rent- also love that one. Fell in love with it by music alone. First experience really with it was the film of the final Broadway cast. Then finally last year, got to see the stage show for the first time.

    Sound of Music/Annie- loved both of these since I saw the movie of both of them in elementary school

    Beauty and the Beast- yes, saw the cartoon version in elementary school, but the remake was how the show reentered my life because I did kind of forgot that I did love Beauty and the Beast. The remake did remind me.

    Newsies- fell in love with it August 2016 when I saw it on tour. Loved all the mind-blowing dancing, the inspiring story and the bond between all the Newsies.

    Music Man- saw it at my university. 2015 and it is such a light-hearted and happy musical.

    Phantom of the Opera- loved the musical since 2013. 2014 saw the stage show with my mom and it was such a hauntingly beautiful musical. Went to Greenville to see this show.

    Pippin- loved it since May 2015. Another date with mom. Just a fun circus musical- best way to describe it.

    Mamma Mia- saw the movie about 2008 and just loved the music and how happy it was and just a year later saw the stage show on tour.

    So, do love a wide variety of musicals. I don’t live in NYC: just in Charlotte, NC: at least I live in a city that is a popular stop for tours. I could have gone and on and on in this post, but if you want to explore more of my love for musicals, just explore my blog.

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