Exam snacks

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post, is that during exams I eat a lot. Probably because I’m at home all day long. So here are some snacks to buy/make while studying for you exams.

Fruits will always be great. Blueberries, apples and strawberries are my personal favorites. You can make a fruit salad or just eat a piece of fruit like that. You’ll regenerate your energy and during summer fruit is the most refreshing food ever!

Just eating the fruit isn’t all, make a smoothie of it! My favorite combination is: strawberrie, banana and apple juice. But you can put anything you want in the blender ofcourse. If you really need some sugar you can always make a milkshake, it’s been sooo long since I made a milkshake and I am considering to make one right now🍨

Something my mom always buys for me are dried bananas and trail mixes. When it comes to trail mixes I take the raisins out because that is one of the few things I really don’t like. In Belgium we call a trail mix ‘studentenhaver’ (literally translated: student oats) and it does always make me think about the exam month when I see them in the store. It’s very jummy AND good for studying, just don’t eat to much or you’ll get nautious and won’t be studying anymore…

Something I like for exams during WINTER is soup, the pre-packaged and probably unhealthy kind. I couldn’t eat them right now because it is way too hot outside, but they’re my favorite thing during the colder exam periods. I honestly like every kind of soup so I don’t have a favorite one🍵

During exams I drink a lot of water. I’m surrounded by like 6 waterbottles the whole time. It’s just the best way too stay awake and even though it’s hard to admit, it does work better than coffee or tea.

Besides all this I just eat a lot 😬 Not always the healthiest choice but what can you do..

I hope you all ace your exams!

Lots of Love, M.

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