Netflix must sees

This article will be very similar to the former. But this time I’m sure it’s going to be for a bigger audience! Netflix, the site where you, without a doubt, have spend many of your time.

I myself also am a big Netflix user, which is why I will list up some of my favorite series and movies.


Pretty Little Liars; it’s been a while since the last season aired but if you haven’t seen it yet you definitely should! I have to admit that the first season can be kind of boring but it contains a lot of important information. I know that some people really don’t like this show but I am definitely part of the big fan club!

• Next up, Teen Wolf! Yes I am starting with the basics here and I don’t really watch very original series but this show is great. Honestly it’s been a long time since I’ve watched this and I have no idea where I last ended it but I sure do recommend it.

• Prepare, the next show is also awfully basic but also awfully good! Orange is the New Black (ofcourse). I think ever that you either hate or love this show but I really like it. Don’t ask me why but I still haven’t seen the last three episodes for some reason😂

• The show that I am currently watching is Once Upon A Time, right now I’ve made it to season 4 and ofcourse I’m addicted…

Sherlock is also amazing, every season has only 3 episodes but they’re all one and a half hour long! Don’t hate me but I honestly think Benedict Cumberbatch is the greatest Sherlock ever (sorry Robert Downey Jr.)

• When Friends came out on the Belgian Netflix, almost everyone I knew started watching it immediately. I have stranded at episode 9 months ago because I was watching Full House while the rest of Belgium was watching Friends😬 Full House is honestly one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched and I wish they had made more seasons back then. Right after finishing Full House I started watching Fuller House which they hopefully will continue!

• I don’t necessarily think the following show is gòòd, but for some reason I keep watching it. Shadowhunters… It’s a lot more similar to the book compared to the movie but the movie was 100 times better.

• “Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”. Ofcourse this had to be in here, I already know who Gossip Girl is but I only have watched three seasons… What can I say, spoilers don’t bother me…

Riverdale! I almost forgot about this one but I can not wait until the next season airs! If you haven’t seen it yet, start now because it’s amazing!

The Good Place is a hilarious show and I am obsessed with it! It’s so absurd yet so fun to watch.


Clueless, a classic that I can see over and over again. I am still waiting for that clothing computer app to appear on my laptop.

It’s a Boy Girl Thing, a movie that I’ve watched a thousand times and I somehow never get sick of it. You may already be noticing that I watch every dumb Netflix movie that exists so if you don’t like those, you may not like any of the following…

The Kissing Booth is the on exception on what I said before. I’m sure you’ve heard of it because everyone loves it! Please watch this movie if you haven’t already!!!

The Little Rascals, very old but I loved watching it a lot! I don’t know how they managed to work with all those kids but the movie makers sure did a great job on this one.

The Lovely Bones: for some reason I can’t get anyone to watch this with me because it’s rated as scifi-horror… But really it’s just extremely confusing and somehow magnifying to watch. I’ve seen it two times now and I have to say I didn’t get the movie AT ALL when I was watching the first time.

She’s the Man and Sydney White, these movies both star Amanda Bynes and kind off have the same message in them. You probably know them but maybe you don’t, anyway Amanda did a great job in both of these and I love them.

Anastasia, how could I not mention this one?! Ofcourse since Anastasia The Musical came out I have been more obsessed with it than I was before. I can’t believe this is NOT a Disney movie… Everyone thought so for some reason and I don’t know why because it really doesn’t say so anywhere.

Ofcourse there are many other Netflix movies that I think everyone should watch, but that would make this post a tad too long so I’m going to leave it up to you☺️

Enjoy your summer❤️

Lots of love, M.

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