London Diary 06/08

What I had been looking forward to finally happened, I went on my first trip with my best friend without parents/adult supervision! My friend and I had been planning this trip for so long and for the next 4 days I am going to write out our entire trip day by day for you guys, and for myself as a way to look back on it.

Our day started at 5:45AM, when we woke up. At 7:56AM we took the train from Brussels to London St. Pancras and two hours later our journey began. After making sure our Oyster cards had enough money on them, we went to our hotel to drop of our bags. We stayed in the Ibis Budget Hotel Whitechapel, which I can recommend for anyone that doesn’t want to spend to much money on their hotel, like us. When our bags where put away we left for the city with the underground.

We ended up in St. James Park which leads to Buckingham Palace on one side and the Museum of Cavalry on the other side. In the park we found a monument that was made for the Canadian casualties of the second World War, we both thought it was one of the most beautiful memorials we had ever seen and sat there quite a while to admire the beauty of it and everything around.

We walked to the other side of the park where we almost got ran over by guards, let me tell you they really don’t stray from their path. After a little walk we arrived at the London Eye and Big Ben (which, as you may know, is under construction). Here we ,again, wandered around and took some time to take in the view.

img_8682-e1536262476780.pngIn the afternoon we payed a visit to Denis Severs’ House, a house where every room is situated in a different time period and where it seems like the people who live there are still there. It is supposed too look like the inhabitants just left the room and it is a unique experience! We wen’t there during the Silent Night, this was great because there was no one to distract you from observing the sounds, smells and views of every room so you truly felt like you travelled in time.

Interiors_BoneDaddiesOldSt001.jpgIn the evening we both got pretty hungry and found a place called Bone Daddies where you can get amazing pokebowls, ramen and many others. The location was very nice and we both loved it very much.

We took the bus back to our hotel and got a good night sleep after we planned our next day in London, and about that I will tell you tomorrow.

Lots of Love, M.

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