London Diary 08/08

To me the third day was the most successful day of all and you will soon get why.

At 9:45AM we arrived at Buckingham Palace again for the guards change of 11:00AM, and what a morning that was. If you do this, be prepared to be in a constant fight to keep your spot because people will do anything to take a good picture. IMG_8715The frustrations aside it was definitely as good as we hoped but you have to come early. We thought we were early but believe me, it was already very crowded when we got to the palace.

When the Guards Change ended we went to Covent Garden and Neals’ Yard, two beautiful places that are very picture worthy. We had lunch in a little restaurant named Wildwood and walked around all of the little streets in the neighborhood. Elien bought this very cool backpack in a store called Vendula London and I took a picture in front of the Gillian Lynne Theatre where School Of Rock is playing right now.

After that we found a hidden gem, the Free Masons’ Hall. This museum offers free tours and we loved it. The building is wonderful and our tour guide thought us many things about Free Masonry. This building is often used for movies and fashion shows and is filled with the most amazing things.

We tried paying a quick visit to the Harry Potter Shop in St. Pancras Station but we left it after not even 2 minutes.

And now for my favorite part of the trip, the West End Show!!!

I gave you an entire article about my love for musicals already, so you know how excited I was for this. We went to see Wicked, the first musical that I knew from head to toe and my all time favorite.

Currently the roles of Elphaba and Galinda are played by Alice Fearn and Sophie Evans, if you are in London right now you have to go see them because they are the best and besides Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth for sure my favorites. We expected to have seats that were pretty far away from the stage but ended up sitting on the 10th row, meaning very CLOSE to the stage. I was emotional all day and have to say congrats to my best friend for putting up with my fangirling (I even bought a Wicked merch T-Shirt). The show was as magnificent as I always imagined it to be in real life and it made me want to live in London even more, although I don’t think that would be good for my wallet as I would want to see shows every day.

And that was the finish of our second to last day already!

Until tomorrow then!

Lots of Love, M.

5 thoughts on “London Diary 08/08

  1. I am a massive fan of musicals as well, a huge focus on my blog. Wicked is a musical I experienced on Broadway and on tour.

    However, I did experience a musical in the West End during my 4 and 1/2 days in London. After becoming obsessed with Les Mis and after seeing the stage show of Les Mis for the first time, it was my dream to see the show in London. I remember it being June 2015, and my mom texted me French Flag and musical note emojis: I did not know what they meant: my mom texted me again telling me to check my email. That email I saw changed everything: the moment I saw Les Misérables, I ran up to my mom crying.

    I only was in England for a pilgrimage- the pilgrimage started in June 31st, 2015, but my family went up two days early. So in our extra days, my mom and I went to Les Mis. When I saw the Queen’s Theatre, it did not seem real. Even when I bought souvenirs, even when I realized how close I was (that was in the 9th row), even looking at the set- but it was the first note of the show that told me this was no dream- this dream was real- this dream was coming true. Still, a girl from the United States was living a dream that night- could not believe that dream came true

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    1. I felt the exact same with wicked and it brings me so much joy to see that other people are as much in love with musical theatre as me. Thank you for sharing because it brought a smile to my face☺️


      1. Here’s what I can say about Wicked.

        Summer 2006 (aged 12): Mom and I went to NYC alone. The two of us saw Wicked- I don’t remember this part, but she told me when I was older that we were about six rows back. All I remember was that Popular was my favorite song. The impact shows though.

        Wicked was the musical that sparked my love for musicals. The musical where I started to understand the emotions found in them. The musical where I really began to understand the emotional connection and complexity. It really was the beginning of everything.

        Enter Les Mis- it would change EVERYTHING- it would test what I already knew. I grew up interpreting ALL musicals as HAPPY plus there were only four core emotions, which were excitement, joy, love, and sad. Les Mis would make me view things very differently. The film it where its journey began- the first time, when I realized it was TRAGIC, I was like “WHAT LES MIS TRAGIC, MUSICALS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY”. I was so shocked and confused that I didn’t know how to respond. By the end, I thought it was too depressing and did not know if I was I was fan of the musical or not, and did have one of its songs stuck in my head. I started researching the musical anyways.

        For whatever reason, I decided to watch the film of Les Mis a second time. This time I was able to calm down. The tragic nature, I was able to handle better. I realized there is something upfliting in there. This is when I truly began to like Les Mis. By summer 2013, I was obsessed with Les Mis. Les Mis taught me that Yes, tragic musicals exist, heartbreak is a musical emotions, and so many other things I thought could never be in a musical.

        So Wicked sparked my love for musicals and Les Mis turned my love of musicals into a passion

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