How I chose my college and field of study!

Hi everyone! As you may now I am starting college next week and I am currently taking math-classes to prepare for the upcoming year. I can’t believe how fast everything has gone because it feels like yesterday when I first started thinking about college!

Choosing the right college and field of study isn’t easy, there is simply too much to choose from. I personally doubted my choices throughout the entire process of it and it wasn’t until I officially enroled that I felt confident and motivated to make this a great experience.

In my fifth year of high school we had one day where we could work anywhere, and I worked at the Belgian magazine Libelle that day.https___ssl-bin.snmmd.nl_m_nh3oblnjmx4c.jpgIt was that day that I knew I wanted to go into the media world, hence the blog 😉 Immediately after that I started looking for studies that where focused on the media and I fount Media and Entertainment Business at Thomas More. For a long time I was 100% sure that this was what I wanted to do and I still think that it is an amazing study.

When senior year came, I suddenly got overwhelmed with folders from any college that you could possibly imagine. And this is when I started changing my mind because reading all the descriptions of universities made me really excited to go there.

I have NO IDEA how it works in other countries, but in Belgium you can either go to a college where you can get a professional bachelors diploma or you can go to a university where you can get a masters diploma. There is also the option to first get your professional bachelors, then do an extra year to make up for lost times (because there is more focus on theory in universities, while the college focusses on the practical side of things) and then get your master diploma.

I read every single folder that came into the mail, even when I was sure that it was not something I was interested in, and I decided that I really wanted to get a masters diploma.

Ofcourse I could have chosen Media and Entertainment Business to get a professional bachelor and then take an extra year and get a master diploma, but I wanted to see what the options where if I started in a university immediately.

I started by taking everything that I absolutely wasn’t interested in off the list. For me this was med-school, math, physics, law school, and many others. This left me with the economical studies, social studies and studies like architecture. I read everything that I could find about every study and after a lot of reading I bumped into communication studies.

As I said before, I really wanted to get into media, but I somehow forgot about that because there where so many interesting things. But while reading the description to communication studies, I knew right there that this would land on the top of my list. And this is the field of study that I eventually chose!

Why did I choose this? First of all, you can get a masters diploma in media studies which is EXACTLY what I wanted. I then started searching for the classes that I was gonna get in the following years. My first year is filled with a variety of classes; statistics, economics, philosophy, law and also politics, social studies and communication studies of course. This means that in your first year you won’t be focusing on one specific work field but just learning a lot about many different things.

6a00d8341c50dd53ef01b8d2a67a24970cThe years after that are filled with media and classes that I am already so excited about. For example: communication management, media ethics, interpersonal communication and so on. My master year is gonna be focused on taking intern ships and really getting into the workfield. I am interested in everything about it and the more I read about it, the better this choice feels!

universiteit-antwerpen1After choosing your field of study (or before that), you have to start picking a college. In Belgium the most popular locations are Gent, Louvain, Brussels and Antwerp. I knew that I wasn’t going to Louvain because it is a real students city and I like the diversity that the others hold. I decided to study in Antwerp for multiple reasons; I know and love the city, it allows me to live at home because I won’t live in a dorm for at least another year and the university itself felt like the right place to be.

I also found it very useful to make tests that show you what fields of study fit the way you describe your talents, interests etc. Be sure to take your time and don’t rush! Go visit all of the colleges you’re interested in and follow your heart ❤

Coming Monday the school year will officially start and I can’t wait to explore everything about college life!

What is your field of study and what college do you go to? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love, M.

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