About M(e)

Hi darlings! I am a 17 year old girl from Belgium and this is my blog, Journey of M. Although my first tongue is Dutch, I wanted to start blogging in English because it is a language that I have always loved and constantly speak. I am currently studying communication studies at the University of Antwerp! In my free time you can usually find me strumming on my guitar, playing the piano, singing musical songs or being lazy 🙂

I love traveling and I have been able to see some very beautiful places throughout my life which I am very grateful for. But one place that is on the top of my bucket list is New York. As a musical fan I dream of going there and seeing a show every single night but I also want to experience the craziness that this city is. IMG_8678

Besides school, music and blogging, I work in a grocery store every other week and I often babysit. That is a little bit about me, and there will be a lot more on my blog!

I hope you’ll enjoy the read,

lots of love M.